Free rooms for students

student op kamers -trouw

Students don`t get rooms easily nowadays because they mostly don’t have enough money or all the rooms are rented. If we take a look at the elderly people, there are plenty of rooms in nursing homes due to the increasing rules to let the elderly people in. Now the students and elderly people are living together.


The idea that solves all the problems

The home for elderly `Humanitas` in Deventer local director saw this opportunity, and came up with this brilliant idea. He plans to lets students rent a room for sake of company to the elderly. They don’t have to pay anything for there stay, but they have to work regularly in the home for elderly.

Generations are coming together

Nowadays it’s weird to see older people together with students. But that’s going to change. The different kind of groups in the community will disappear because they are living together now. No groups for different generations anymore. We’re gonna live together as one big group.

The profit for the students

The students get more money because they don’t have to pay anything, what they can spend on different things like shopping or going out with friends or maybe on food. They will get a bigger room than the most rooms for students. The students are also allowed to come home whenever they want. Because they don’t have rules like when you live with parents. And the nursing house will allow the students to come home late.

The profit for the elderly people

Also The elderly have profit of this idea because they are getting more company, so they will not get bored soon. Also they also have more people who work for them. And so they will help them doing there daily things like going to the toilet, or going to bed. The students can help them by all this kind of stuff.


It’s is a brilliant idea because it solves both problems: students get a room, and elderly get companionship. I think to put students into one house with elderly people is a really good idea. And this idea will be more used by other nursing homes. The  generations are coming together and they will both get profit of the idea.


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