Non contact button system


Elevator buttons; For sure many of you deal with whit everyday because a lot of buildings got elevators. Especially in business buildings who are really high. A lot of people use he elevater in this kinds of buildings, so a lot of bacteria will be handed over to the elevator buttons. on only one button are 3.500 bacteria which is 7 times more than on the average toilet seat.

for this problem is invented the touch less button system. The system use micro sensors which are in the middle of the bottons. You don’t touch the bottons or any other thing, you only have to put your finger in some kind of hole. The system has another profit: it’s sterilization your fingertips when you put them into the hole. This system ensures that she won’t make contact with bacteria, so we will not get ill quickly. That’s the reasons why it’s a healthy system.

It’s an inline kind of product because it’s connected with sensors, the signals will be sent to the elevator so he can go to the floor you like to go.



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