The smart mirror


Everyday you look at yourself in the mirror, sometimes you think you look great, but sometimes you don’t. Sometimes you look healthy on the outside but you can never see if your also healthy on the inside. But there’s a solution: The smart mirror. It’ll show you how healthy you are from the inside. How?

The smart mirror use a special camera which can read the heartbeat of the person who’s looking into the mirror. When your heart beat fast it send a pulse of blood which you can see on your face. Blood absorbs light, the camera can see the reflected light of the skin and use that information to tell you how healthy you are. This information will be displayed in frond of the person who’s looking into the mirror.

With this mirror you can play a more active role in the sense of your health. You’ve got acces over your own physiological data. This revolution must take place in our daily lives, not only in the office or research laboratory of a docter. You know now when your healthy or not, so you can deal with is.

It’s cool because everybody is busy with being healthy nowadays. But they don’t have time, so they want to do it fast. A docter is a long proces, but this mirror can tell je how healthy you are in just a few seconds.

It’s inline because a normal kind of product is connected with the online world. The information which the camera’s discover is connected with the mirror, that you can see with your own eyes.



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