Touch less trashcan



The touch less trash can is a trash can that uses an invisible and harmless infrared technology so you don’t have te touch the bin. You only need to hold you hand about 6 cm from te sensor, so the bin wil open. After 3 seconds the bin will close again, unless your hand or dirt is still at 6 cm away from the sensor. The trash himself got also buttons to open and close is, where you can put one. But it isn’t needed to use these. Also there’s a button to put the trashcan on and off. So you will or won’t be able to only put your hands in front of the sensor anymore.

It’s a healthy invention because there’s a lot of bacteria in trashcans, because it’s all waste. These bacteria get trapped in a regular trash and they are not good for your health because you will become ill of them.

It’s an Inline invention because the trash is digital; technology is being used on the product. A simple everyday product has changed to something digital. And so the online is connected with the offline stuff.



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