Locals: the place to be

Do you know that feeling? discovering a local cozy bar during your holiday? Where it feels like home. And when you get home, you get homesick because you want to go back to that place. You will always remind the good food of that bar. And locals want you to experience this feeling again in Holland. Locals is working together with local suppliers. So they stand for pure craft. All the food is made by them own.

What is locals?

Locals is a coffee shop. where you can enjoy the food and drinks in an environment where it feels like home. The area provides a living room feeling. The entrepreneurs has been inspired by the journeys that the owners have made in their lives. They found out, that you always should have a place where you feel at home. The decor is warm and cosy and also full of color. Locals is located in near by the shopping centre of Tilburg.

Why is locals a cool place?

The requirement that the society has nowadays is to actually experience the product. What made the product be different from other ones. The need of the society is also coziness. The coziness is expressed by the decor: You van sit down on a long bench, just like you can in a living room. There are regular dinner tables and chairs, that you can find in a living room. The trend around this all is: Living room society. This is why locals are different from other coffee shops. The researched the various shops and found out that there was no place you could eat in a cosy living room area. The trend around this is: authenticity.

locals 1locals 2

source: My own experience at locals. I’ve interviewed the owner of locals.

For more information you can look the site: http://locals-tilburg.nl



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