Glow -leisure

What is Glow

Glow is a light art festival with this year’s theme: the city in motion. Fifty artists provide lighting installations, – projections – sculptures and performances. As a result, visitors get a different view of the city, than they would normally have. The festival is free accessable.  and it covers a great  part of Eindhoven centre. Most of the works are to be found outside. By following a route you can discover all.  The theme this year is about the fact that we are constantly in motion. Whether it’s by car, bus, train, on foot or by bike. With every movement our view of the city changes and we experience our environment always in a different way.  The artists want to get the people moving by using the works of art on Glow and so they offer a new perspective on the city. The audience is challenged to not only look but also to really see and experience in an intense way.

Why is glow cool?

Glow is a cool festival because it is different than other festivals. It about the experience economy. Visitors experience the light shows, for example through the music around it, or that they can be so close. It is a new way of light shows. It is not simply one show that you can watch, but there are several shows, which the visitors have the freedom to decide what they want to see and for how long they want it to see. Freedom is an important value.


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