A creative shop with 10 entrepreneurs -leisure

Pop up tilburg is a temporary store where 10 creative entrepreneurs from the region show their work and sell their products. These products are unique and handmade. You can also order a product that is tailor-made for you. The offer is very diverse and consists of oak furniture from a talented designer, pillows and poufs of Jeanne Geelen, but also children clothes of Bep and Co, small works by simply moon, leather bags of StudioHop, graphic / poetic work of Ellen, wardrobe Kast Cushion . Breaths and pasta is also sold. Various activities on some days are organized such as cooking and baking demonstrations and children to colors to a color table.

The needs of people today is diversity, they want to see as many different things as possible. This can be done by the Pop up store. The are so many products in one shop and services. It is also important for people to be authentic, with the products of this Pop Up store they can. It are special products which you can not find in mainstream stores, some are even handmade or custom made.

pop up store


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