Home by emma with Kids at the Table – leisure

Every Wednesday there is a fun children’s activity in the Emmapassage: Kids at the Table. There are people who read something for the children’s and you can tinker. Everyone is welcome to come to the table. You are also welcome with great ideas. The table itself is five meters long and is in the Emmapasage. There are also outlets at the table. It is an inspiring collaboration with childrens town. You are welcome every Wednesday afternoon from 14:00 to 16:00!

Kids at the table is part of “Tilburg surprised ” they want to surprise shoppers with inspiring and special activities at various locations. It offers an open platform for everyone who wants to surprise the public, inspire, motivate and activate.

Kids at the table is cool because:

People want more experience and innovative ideas. They want things to do and discover. In this table in the emma passage can. It is an entirely different experience, so you not only get to the city is going to go shopping, but also for the activities that take place within the city. It is also important for people to have a home feeling wherever they are. With this table you get that feeling. kids aan tafel

The Quality of life by the concept of home by emma with kids at the table will be improved by social wellbeing, because the kids and parents who are coming to the table will meet a lot of other people of their own age. So they will make contact and talk to other people. 

Then it improves the emotional wellbeing, by becoming happy. Most children don’t want to go shopping with their parents, because they think it’s boring, but with this table, the children will be pleased to go shopping with their parents.


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