Born the wrong way

What is it

More often you hear that people are born in the wrong body. A man who feels like a woman or a woman who feels like a man. This movie is about a girl who is severely raised by her mother. Her mother wants to have the perfect family with no troubles. She wants the ‘ideal life’. But in the movie you can see that the girl has troubles, she doesn’t want to be a girl anymore. Her mother is noticing this, but tells her daughter that she is crazy. The girl gathered all of her courage and makes her mother clear that she really doesn’t want to be a girl anymore. Whatever her mother wants, she can’t act like a woman anymore. Finally her mother accepts her from who she is from the inside.

Why is it cool

Against it is all about the ideal image. The life of this family has to be perfect. A woman is supposed to behave as a woman and a man as a man. The ideal is contradicted in this movie because a woman doesn’t feel like a woman. It fits also very good with the trend shifting identities, because the girl wants to change her identity. She wants to change the identity of being a woman in the identity of being a man.

Watch the movie to see this spectacular strong woman, who knows who she really is. And knows what her identity deep inside her is (mentally):


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