When imperfection becomes perfection

What is it?

It is a company that ensures that the ideal image of the mannequins in the stores will be changed and contradicted. It’s about people with a disability. Those people always have to look at the ‘perfect’ mannequins, with them skinny body’s. But there’s an organization which provides different kind of mannequins. Namely mannequins which look like people with a disability, like people without legs, or people who doesn’t grow anymore. This mannequins are displayed behind the store windows. So everybody can see, that perfection doesn’t exist.

The organization that is responsible for these mannequins is pro firms. This is a Swedish organization working for people with disabilities. They are doing this with various kind of programs.

Why is it cool?

The ideal image is unreachable for the most people. This organization’s idea is an special and cool idea because it is completely the opposite of the ideal image nowadays.  There will not be those perfect dolls that are standing in front of store windows. But it wil be a completely opposite of those. It are dolls made like people who got a disability. Because those people are also perfect. It fits with the trend shifting identities because it’s the identity of the ideal images that are changed.

On this site you can see how this organization realized this idea and the results of this proces:



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