Just put on a mask

Just put on a mask

This film tells the story of a girl wearing a mask in school. Everybody in school is wearing masks. You’ve got different coloured masks, like red or blue. Every different mask means another identity. So when you put on your red mask, you’ve got a different identity than when you put on a blue one. The people in this school change their masks all the time. No one is showing their own real identity. Though there is a girl, who doesn’t like all the masks. She’s angry an put down her own mask. Just because she wants the other people at school to see her real identity.

On the youtube page you can find a beautifully written quote, describing the aim of this project:

“ Identity is a project made for the youth in schools.Don’t let society define your Identity, or to tell you who you have to be.The truth is already inside of you. Don’t lose who you are.”

This movie is about the trend ‘shifting identities’.  Another identity will be taken, if somebody talks with other people. Nobody is showing their own identity, because it is hidden behind their masks. The girl in the movie put down her mask and shows the world who she really is and what her real identity is.

It also fits with the trend “take the stage”. Where it’s about that we are taking the stage to express yourself. We want to show our own identity more than ever. Not only offline but also online. Since the youth spends a lot of time with social media. Whereas they can put on their masks and change identity really easily and quickly.

Watch the movie on:



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