Woman and their unshaven legs

Thousands of women from all over the world post photos of their hairy legs on various websites. Women won’t wax their legs anymore. More and more women don’t want to spend a lot of time in their eyes, senseless beauty ideals. Woman think that the beauty ideals has ben imposed by society. On various websites thousands of women places photos of their hairy legs and explain why they have stopped shaving or waxing.

The founder of the Tumblr page Hairy Legs Club offers for example: “This blog is for all women with hairy legs Our feet are our pride.”


“I’m so happy that I no longer ashamed of my hairy legs,” said one woman. “When I stopped shaving, it took a while before I had self-confidence,” commented another woman. “But the photos of others helped me with it.”

Also on Facebook, there is now a page for women with hairy legs. The Women Against Non-Essential Grooming, such as the page is called, Tuesday had 1,405 members. “WANG believes that everyone should be freed from imposed, gender beauty standards and must have full control over his or her body,” as is stated on the page.

beenhaar vrouw


It fits with the macro trend ‘take the stage’. Because the women go on stage, to show that they are done with the ideal of beauty. They will not trying to look like that ideal of beauty anymore. Indeed, it is time they decide their selves whether they will or won’t shave their legs. Also this fits with the macro trend togetherness, because this one woman herself had never dared to come out for not shaving her legs. But because there are other woman who also does this, she was able to let the world now that she isn’t shaving her legs. It suits the Mega trend: Globalization. Because we learn more about other cultures, including that not every woman in every culture shave their legs. This make Dutch woman don’t shave their legs even.

shifting identity

The change in identity, is that women don’t want to be the ideal of beauty anymore, but they want to be themselves and choose whether they shave their legs or not. Whatever they fear that others think that this isn’t how it should be.

You have to look on the page where all this foto’s are posted: http://hairylegsclub.tumblr.com


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