Sweet and green by Sweetgreen – Food and Transparent

Sweet green:

Is a destination for delicious food thats healthy for you and aligned with your values. Sweet green source local and organic ingredient from their network. They have contacts like farmers around and partners they trust. They creating meaningful relationships with those communities around us. Sweet green exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.

sweetgreen 2

Their food is

  1. Delicious

Because it’s simple, pure and authentic flavors. there are unique combinations of taste and texture. The food is fresh prepared in the kitchens.

  1. Healthy

Because there are proteins with a purpose, it’s a nutrient-dense produce, they use whole vegetables, fruits and grains and they prefer good fats over non-fats.

  1. Transparent

They have chosen producers who put the planet before profit, farmers from within our community, partners who value their employees and humanely-raised livestock.

sweetgreen 1

The values of sweet green are:

  • To create solutions where the company wins, the customer wins and the community wins.
  • To make decisions that will last longer than you will: Sustainably thinking.
  • To keep it real. Use cultivate authentic food and relationships.
  • To add the sweet touch. to create meaningful connections everyday from farm to patron.
  • To make an impact with thinking smarter, working harder and to do it together.

Why is sweet green an innovative company:

The company is dealing with the trend transparency. When you look at the menu, you can exactly see what the ingredients of each dish are and how many calories are in it. Also you can see a video on the website, where you can meet the farmer, who is showing how the products are made.

sweetgreen 3

It also fits with the maxi trend sustainable. Because in their values they describe that they are only making decisions that will last longer than they will. That means that they are not only thinking about the here and now, but about the future of humanity and all other organisms. Examples of being sustainable that sweet green are doing are that they use 100% wind energy and they use reclaimed and FCS certified materials in their construction. They use energy efficient LED and fluorescent lighting. Their furniture is made from reclaimed wood and they use low COX paint and wall coverings.





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