Home Farming box

The mini-farm grow box is a total new soil-free, non electric food growing system for at home. It was developed by eMike Adams of the non profit organization Food Raising. Deeboc ensures that home gardeners can grow food without pulling weeds or need to worry about complex pumps, motors and other components. Moreover, this system works by about 1/20 th of the amount of water that is required in traditional agriculture and used in the most approximately half of the space.

The mini-farm grow box is based on constant feeding from the ground. The system ensures constant water, without additional circulation or air pumps.

The system works well in an area with much sunlight and a waist-high platform. This kind of convenience, is exactly what is required when the home gardening will be used on a larger scale.

home farmings2Home farming box

Why is this mini farm grown box a trend?

Because it fits with the micro trend ‘copy nature’, because this kind of food is ment to grown in the nature. Farmers are already sort of copy the nature, by let this food grown at a plantation, but this box is going one stap further. Namely this box copies the nature at your living room.

It also fits with the micro trend ‘local love’, because this different kind of food will be produced at your own house and not in another country where it has to be transferred to the market near your place.

Then it fits with the macro trend ‘Involvement’, because the consumer is involved by producing his own food.

home farm

The values that are importent by this trend signal are: ease, durable, reachability, dexterity, quality, independence, challenge and freedom.



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