We all trow 50 kilos of good food in the trash can away every single year. klikipedia.nl is a solution. kliekipedia.nl is an encyclopedia full of tips about leftovers. It’s an project of Sire. The site is full of saving tips, cooking tips and hints to make tasty meals from leftovers.



kliekipedia.nl is innovative because it fits with the mega trend pluralistic. This trend means that there are very many choices which you can combine to a personal taste that’s delicious for you as individu. The trend means that there is more than one basic principle than the usual things. kliekipedia.nl Also fits with the maxi trend involvement. Because everybody can share their ideas an recipes on the site, which will be shared with the rest of the world. The idea of doing it together and crate things together has te deal with another maxi trend, named togetherness.


kliekipedia.nl improves the quality of life, because it brings people together and it create a social occasion. An important domain of the Quality of life mode is social wellbeing. So with kliekipedia.nl this domain will be satisfied.

Source:  www.klikipedia.nl



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