Recycled Bar

What is it?

It’s a bar in Kichijoji, which is a Suburba town outside of Tokyo, that’s adorned with a variety of colored cables. There are recycled materials used by the project. This gives the restaurant its distinctive textured appearance. The bar itself is made from left-over melted acrylic. It looks like the stools an tables float independently.

recycled bar

The bar is located in a by-street that retains the atmosphere of black-market stalls, popular during the post-world war 2 period.

Why is it cool?

It fits with the micro trend Copy the nature, because the materials of the furniture is made of left-over melted acrylic. This gives the bar a look that looks like nature. Also the cables all over the bar make the bar looks like nature.

recycled bar 2

It also fits with the micro trend No waste, because the most of the materials that’s been used for this concept are recycled. This means that they don’t waste old materials.

And of course this also fits with the mega trend sustainability, because it’s sustainable to recycle materials and not just trowing them away.

You can find more information on this site:


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