Worlds first fully compostable coffee pod

It’s a coffee pod entirely made from renewable, bio-bases materials. The coffee pods are made to allow for bacterial to digest the materials and ensure hundred procent composition. The coffee pod seeks to a more environmentally friendly alternative to coffee pods now-a-days, that are made of plastic and which you can use just one time. Those plastic coffee pods, gives a lot of waste. So much that it could have circled the earth eleven times, last year.

coffe pods

This innovative coffee pods fits with the micro trend no waste, because the big waste of coffee pods will be over when this new pods will be used. There is no waste with this new coffee pods, because it kind of feeds the nature, by composting it.

It fits with the macro trend convenience, because theres no time to be needed to destroy the plastic coffee pods, when you’ve got the compostable coffee pods.

And then if fits with the mega trend sustainability, because it takes care of the nature and so our planet. The nature won’t be destroyed by the old coffee pods with those new compostable coffee pods. Also it fits with the mega trend knowledge society, because it’s a new kind of concept that will improve the society.

The new compostable coffee pods plays in on the value effectiveness, because it’s not just a new concept, but it’s a useful concept, what will have a lot of impact for the future. And also the value appreciation, because the nature is been appreciated. The wanted to find a solution for destroying the nature and now they set a little stap to the right direction.

You can find more information on the website:


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