Cluster: Not wasting the waste

Supermarket Powered by its own waste

What is it?

A supermarket in Britaint that will soon begin using waste food product for power. By sending it with trucks (that already brought fresh food) to a special business where it will be converted into bio-methane gas. That gas will be used to produce electricity for the supermarket, which will be send by a cable.


wasted skyscraper

What is it?

A skyscraper that’s been build from recycled waste of its own occupants. People who lives in the building will give them paper and plastic waste, so the building will become better and bigger. So it can actually grow by its own waste.


Recycled Mirror Design

What is it?

A mirror that’s made of recycled chemical waste. So that chemical waste will be useful. The material what is been used for the mirror is special because it’s recycled and sustainable. The recycled material is called ‘Synthetic obsian’. With this material, a lot more chemical waste could be used for different stuff like mirrors.


Why is it cool?

Not wasting the waste is cool because it fits with the micro trend: Everything is a remix, because waste will be recycled and combined with other stuff. And the waste will be something totally different, than you’d ever expect.

And so it fits with the micro trend no waste, because waste will become something different than waste. It will be useful, so you can’t call it waste anymore.

It also fits with the macro trend involvement, because you have to take action to make waste useful. A lot of people have to involve all those processes, otherwise it won’t be useful.

And then the mega trend sustainability, because recycling waste is good for the earth. It will let the world live longer.

Also it fits with the mega trend knowledge society, because we learn a lot about recycling and not letting waste to be useless. We learn a lot about that for the last past years.


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