Quality of Life & Woman and their unshaven legs

Thousands of women from all over the world post photos of their hairy legs on various websites. Women won’t wax their legs anymore. More and more women don’t want to spend a lot of time in their eyes, senseless beauty ideals. Woman think that the beauty ideals has ben imposed by society. On various websites thousands of women places photos of their hairy legs and explain why they have stopped shaving or waxing.

It improves the social wellbeing because: The woman who didn’t want to show their unshaven legs at first, had started a community. Now they have new friends and a more social life. Also they involve a community, what is also good for humans wellbeing.

beenhaar vrouw

It also improves the emotional wellbeing because they get respect from each other. They all post pictures of their unshaven legs so they show respect to everyone who also is doing it.



Woman and their unshaven legs

Thousands of women from all over the world post photos of their hairy legs on various websites. Women won’t wax their legs anymore. More and more women don’t want to spend a lot of time in their eyes, senseless beauty ideals. Woman think that the beauty ideals has ben imposed by society. On various websites thousands of women places photos of their hairy legs and explain why they have stopped shaving or waxing.

The founder of the Tumblr page Hairy Legs Club offers for example: “This blog is for all women with hairy legs Our feet are our pride.”


“I’m so happy that I no longer ashamed of my hairy legs,” said one woman. “When I stopped shaving, it took a while before I had self-confidence,” commented another woman. “But the photos of others helped me with it.”

Also on Facebook, there is now a page for women with hairy legs. The Women Against Non-Essential Grooming, such as the page is called, Tuesday had 1,405 members. “WANG believes that everyone should be freed from imposed, gender beauty standards and must have full control over his or her body,” as is stated on the page.

beenhaar vrouw


It fits with the macro trend ‘take the stage’. Because the women go on stage, to show that they are done with the ideal of beauty. They will not trying to look like that ideal of beauty anymore. Indeed, it is time they decide their selves whether they will or won’t shave their legs. Also this fits with the macro trend togetherness, because this one woman herself had never dared to come out for not shaving her legs. But because there are other woman who also does this, she was able to let the world now that she isn’t shaving her legs. It suits the Mega trend: Globalization. Because we learn more about other cultures, including that not every woman in every culture shave their legs. This make Dutch woman don’t shave their legs even.

shifting identity

The change in identity, is that women don’t want to be the ideal of beauty anymore, but they want to be themselves and choose whether they shave their legs or not. Whatever they fear that others think that this isn’t how it should be.

You have to look on the page where all this foto’s are posted: http://hairylegsclub.tumblr.com

Lumber sexual

The Yesterday urban male wore a pair of pants that were slim-cut with a button-down shirt. He doesn’t grown a beard an looked tidy. Also named as the Metrosexual.

But now, this type of man are disappearing and is replaced by men who are more concerned with existing in the outdoors, than meticulous grooming habits. The new man is bar-hopping but he looks like a man of the woods. He have a good job because he wants a good salary and he wants to be healthy. The new man are called: Lumbersexual


Lumbersexual is bringing the outdoor industry’s clothing and accessories into the mainstream. Maybe because this look is more confortable, functional and durable. The Lumbersexual is on the rise.  This kind of man is strong, wears plaid flannel shirts, has an impressive beard, a six pack and some tattoos.



It fits with the macro trend convenience, because the new man (Lumber sexual) Only want to wear easy and comfortable clothes. Also they don’t shave their beard every week, because that costs a lot of time for a man. The Lumber sexual just let their beard grow.

It also fits wits the trend: shifting identities, because the identities of man ar extremely changed. They don’t have to look decent. But it became a lot rougher. a man isn’t a decent man anymore, but want to be seen as a tough, big and strong man. like lumber sexual

If you also want to be a Lumber sexual, than watch this movie and follow the 7 steps to look like a Lumber sexual.

Just put on a mask

Just put on a mask

This film tells the story of a girl wearing a mask in school. Everybody in school is wearing masks. You’ve got different coloured masks, like red or blue. Every different mask means another identity. So when you put on your red mask, you’ve got a different identity than when you put on a blue one. The people in this school change their masks all the time. No one is showing their own real identity. Though there is a girl, who doesn’t like all the masks. She’s angry an put down her own mask. Just because she wants the other people at school to see her real identity.

On the youtube page you can find a beautifully written quote, describing the aim of this project:

“ Identity is a project made for the youth in schools.Don’t let society define your Identity, or to tell you who you have to be.The truth is already inside of you. Don’t lose who you are.”

This movie is about the trend ‘shifting identities’.  Another identity will be taken, if somebody talks with other people. Nobody is showing their own identity, because it is hidden behind their masks. The girl in the movie put down her mask and shows the world who she really is and what her real identity is.

It also fits with the trend “take the stage”. Where it’s about that we are taking the stage to express yourself. We want to show our own identity more than ever. Not only offline but also online. Since the youth spends a lot of time with social media. Whereas they can put on their masks and change identity really easily and quickly.

Watch the movie on:


Born the wrong way

What is it

More often you hear that people are born in the wrong body. A man who feels like a woman or a woman who feels like a man. This movie is about a girl who is severely raised by her mother. Her mother wants to have the perfect family with no troubles. She wants the ‘ideal life’. But in the movie you can see that the girl has troubles, she doesn’t want to be a girl anymore. Her mother is noticing this, but tells her daughter that she is crazy. The girl gathered all of her courage and makes her mother clear that she really doesn’t want to be a girl anymore. Whatever her mother wants, she can’t act like a woman anymore. Finally her mother accepts her from who she is from the inside.

Why is it cool

Against it is all about the ideal image. The life of this family has to be perfect. A woman is supposed to behave as a woman and a man as a man. The ideal is contradicted in this movie because a woman doesn’t feel like a woman. It fits also very good with the trend shifting identities, because the girl wants to change her identity. She wants to change the identity of being a woman in the identity of being a man.

Watch the movie to see this spectacular strong woman, who knows who she really is. And knows what her identity deep inside her is (mentally):


When imperfection becomes perfection

What is it?

It is a company that ensures that the ideal image of the mannequins in the stores will be changed and contradicted. It’s about people with a disability. Those people always have to look at the ‘perfect’ mannequins, with them skinny body’s. But there’s an organization which provides different kind of mannequins. Namely mannequins which look like people with a disability, like people without legs, or people who doesn’t grow anymore. This mannequins are displayed behind the store windows. So everybody can see, that perfection doesn’t exist.

The organization that is responsible for these mannequins is pro firms. This is a Swedish organization working for people with disabilities. They are doing this with various kind of programs.

Why is it cool?

The ideal image is unreachable for the most people. This organization’s idea is an special and cool idea because it is completely the opposite of the ideal image nowadays.  There will not be those perfect dolls that are standing in front of store windows. But it wil be a completely opposite of those. It are dolls made like people who got a disability. Because those people are also perfect. It fits with the trend shifting identities because it’s the identity of the ideal images that are changed.

On this site you can see how this organization realized this idea and the results of this proces: