We all trow 50 kilos of good food in the trash can away every single year. klikipedia.nl is a solution. kliekipedia.nl is an encyclopedia full of tips about leftovers. It’s an project of Sire. The site is full of saving tips, cooking tips and hints to make tasty meals from leftovers.



kliekipedia.nl is innovative because it fits with the mega trend pluralistic. This trend means that there are very many choices which you can combine to a personal taste that’s delicious for you as individu. The trend means that there is more than one basic principle than the usual things. kliekipedia.nl Also fits with the maxi trend involvement. Because everybody can share their ideas an recipes on the site, which will be shared with the rest of the world. The idea of doing it together and crate things together has te deal with another maxi trend, named togetherness.


kliekipedia.nl improves the quality of life, because it brings people together and it create a social occasion. An important domain of the Quality of life mode is social wellbeing. So with kliekipedia.nl this domain will be satisfied.

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Home Farming box

The mini-farm grow box is a total new soil-free, non electric food growing system for at home. It was developed by eMike Adams of the non profit organization Food Raising. Deeboc ensures that home gardeners can grow food without pulling weeds or need to worry about complex pumps, motors and other components. Moreover, this system works by about 1/20 th of the amount of water that is required in traditional agriculture and used in the most approximately half of the space.

The mini-farm grow box is based on constant feeding from the ground. The system ensures constant water, without additional circulation or air pumps.

The system works well in an area with much sunlight and a waist-high platform. This kind of convenience, is exactly what is required when the home gardening will be used on a larger scale.

home farmings2Home farming box

Why is this mini farm grown box a trend?

Because it fits with the micro trend ‘copy nature’, because this kind of food is ment to grown in the nature. Farmers are already sort of copy the nature, by let this food grown at a plantation, but this box is going one stap further. Namely this box copies the nature at your living room.

It also fits with the micro trend ‘local love’, because this different kind of food will be produced at your own house and not in another country where it has to be transferred to the market near your place.

Then it fits with the macro trend ‘Involvement’, because the consumer is involved by producing his own food.

home farm

The values that are importent by this trend signal are: ease, durable, reachability, dexterity, quality, independence, challenge and freedom.


Brown Apples

It’s about the Golden Delicious- and Granny Smith apples from the Canadian company Okanagan Specialty Fruits. The apples that have been cut stay fresh longer, thanks to a genetic adaptation. With this genetic adaptation cells that turns the apple brown will be broken by an enzyme. With this new United States approval, millions of salad bars or Happy meals could offer the apples without sprinkle them with lemon juice. The US Department of Arficulture (USDA) admitted the decision of the input of genetic apples.

The united states has been a pioneer in the field of genetic engineering. Especially crops like cotton, corn and soy are genetically modified on a very large scale. Yet, this legislation is remarkable, because this time the intended is purely for te consumer and not for the farmers as it was usually.

But not everybody agreed with this legislation. many people even disagreed with the idea of genetic apples. A quote from Mark Gedris, director of membership and communications for USApple, in a phone interview.: “Consumers haven’t asked for these traits,” he said. “As we mention in our statement, browning is a natural process. There are already natural ways to delay browning in apples.”

Those apples will still be in supermarkets at the end of 2017, because al the twenty thousand genetic modified apple trees has to be plant first an they also have to grow.


Why is this legislation a trend?

Those apples fits with the micro trend ‘Copy nature’. The nature is been copied because the apples are not coming from the nature for real. But they are genetic modified, so they won’t turn brown. That makes this apple a not nature one, but a apple that’s copied from the real nature apples.

It’s transparant because:

It’s clearly shown that the apples are genetically modified for all the consumers. That means that it is transparent how the apples are processed. Consumers can make a decision on their own, if they want to eat this genetical apples or not. But they know which apples are genetic modified an which one are not.



Sweet and green by Sweetgreen – Food and Transparent

Sweet green:

Is a destination for delicious food thats healthy for you and aligned with your values. Sweet green source local and organic ingredient from their network. They have contacts like farmers around and partners they trust. They creating meaningful relationships with those communities around us. Sweet green exist to create experiences where passion and purpose come together.

sweetgreen 2

Their food is

  1. Delicious

Because it’s simple, pure and authentic flavors. there are unique combinations of taste and texture. The food is fresh prepared in the kitchens.

  1. Healthy

Because there are proteins with a purpose, it’s a nutrient-dense produce, they use whole vegetables, fruits and grains and they prefer good fats over non-fats.

  1. Transparent

They have chosen producers who put the planet before profit, farmers from within our community, partners who value their employees and humanely-raised livestock.

sweetgreen 1

The values of sweet green are:

  • To create solutions where the company wins, the customer wins and the community wins.
  • To make decisions that will last longer than you will: Sustainably thinking.
  • To keep it real. Use cultivate authentic food and relationships.
  • To add the sweet touch. to create meaningful connections everyday from farm to patron.
  • To make an impact with thinking smarter, working harder and to do it together.

Why is sweet green an innovative company:

The company is dealing with the trend transparency. When you look at the menu, you can exactly see what the ingredients of each dish are and how many calories are in it. Also you can see a video on the website, where you can meet the farmer, who is showing how the products are made.

sweetgreen 3

It also fits with the maxi trend sustainable. Because in their values they describe that they are only making decisions that will last longer than they will. That means that they are not only thinking about the here and now, but about the future of humanity and all other organisms. Examples of being sustainable that sweet green are doing are that they use 100% wind energy and they use reclaimed and FCS certified materials in their construction. They use energy efficient LED and fluorescent lighting. Their furniture is made from reclaimed wood and they use low COX paint and wall coverings.