Create your own burger at Mcdonald’s

States and Australia, where it has already been tested in some McDonald’s Affiliates. It is still uncertain whether and when the personalized burger becomes available in the Netherlands.

At this time, McDonald’s rapidly losing market share in the US to hipper fast food chains like Chipotle, Panera and Shake Shack, which give all customers the opportunity to choose the ingredients for their own meal. In November alone, sales felt by McDonald’s in the country with 4.6 percent.

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The “Create your taste’ burger McDonald’s is not very innovative, but necessary, says food expert Jan-Willem Grievink of FoodService Institute Netherlands. “You can see that more and more consumers are willing to spend more money for food that they feel that it really suits with them.”

The United States tried this first, says Grievink, but the Netherlands played its full part in the trend. You can see this at a restaurant as SLA, a rapidly growing chain in Amsterdam where you can create your own salad, but also to the Coca Cola bottles with your name on it.

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A small chain can adapt his concept easily. McDonald’s needs to change thousands of stores.

Jan-Willem Grievink, FoodService Institute Netherlands:

Not everyone will be willing to spend  more money for a personalized meal, does Grievink think. The price of a self-assembled McDonald’s meal is almost twice as high as that of an old-fashioned meal. Therefore the “Create your taste’- burger doesn’t replace the fast, familiar Big Mac, but he is added to the existing range.

The popularity of “Create your own’-food is not the only problem where the biggest fast food chain is struggling with. In a market where people are becoming more conscious with their food, the McDonald’s food is struggling with an unreliable and unhealthy image. McDonald’s is also trying to change that problem. In the US, the company has even aired a documentary to prove that there are no pink slime in the beef.

McDonald’s rather late responds to the marked, is something that Grievink already expected. “They are the largest fast food chain in the world. While a small chain stores can adapt quickly, McDonald’s has then thousand stores that has to change. But they do have a well-oiled marketing machine that follow the competition know soon. “

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Why is the new concept of the McDonald’s a trend?

The fact that also McDonald’s is changing their concept to create your own taste is a big deal. This fits with different kind of trends like:

Micro trend: Trustopia: A lot of people are going to McDonald’s, all those people has to stay satisfied with the concept of McDonald’s. Those people trust the concept of McDonald’s and they will not be happy with changing the concept. That’s why it’s a big deal for McDonald’s to do this.

Micro trend: Everything is a remix: The new concept ‘create your taste’ fits with this trend, because also the usual burger of the McDonald’s becomes a remix by letting it create by the costumers.

Macro trend: involvement: The consumer will be involved by creating there own burger. The consumer can choose what kind of ingredients they want in their burger, instead of buy an already created burger.

Mega trend: Pluralistic: The consumer get the change to mix his favorites flavors into a personal bend that suits the individual taste.

Why this trend signal is transparant?

Because the McDonald’s really wants them costumers know whats in their burgers, liker there’s no pink slime in it. Also the costumers know now whats in the burger when they make it by themselves.