Cluster: Not wasting the waste

Supermarket Powered by its own waste

What is it?

A supermarket in Britaint that will soon begin using waste food product for power. By sending it with trucks (that already brought fresh food) to a special business where it will be converted into bio-methane gas. That gas will be used to produce electricity for the supermarket, which will be send by a cable.


wasted skyscraper

What is it?

A skyscraper that’s been build from recycled waste of its own occupants. People who lives in the building will give them paper and plastic waste, so the building will become better and bigger. So it can actually grow by its own waste.


Recycled Mirror Design

What is it?

A mirror that’s made of recycled chemical waste. So that chemical waste will be useful. The material what is been used for the mirror is special because it’s recycled and sustainable. The recycled material is called ‘Synthetic obsian’. With this material, a lot more chemical waste could be used for different stuff like mirrors.


Why is it cool?

Not wasting the waste is cool because it fits with the micro trend: Everything is a remix, because waste will be recycled and combined with other stuff. And the waste will be something totally different, than you’d ever expect.

And so it fits with the micro trend no waste, because waste will become something different than waste. It will be useful, so you can’t call it waste anymore.

It also fits with the macro trend involvement, because you have to take action to make waste useful. A lot of people have to involve all those processes, otherwise it won’t be useful.

And then the mega trend sustainability, because recycling waste is good for the earth. It will let the world live longer.

Also it fits with the mega trend knowledge society, because we learn a lot about recycling and not letting waste to be useless. We learn a lot about that for the last past years.


Worlds first fully compostable coffee pod

It’s a coffee pod entirely made from renewable, bio-bases materials. The coffee pods are made to allow for bacterial to digest the materials and ensure hundred procent composition. The coffee pod seeks to a more environmentally friendly alternative to coffee pods now-a-days, that are made of plastic and which you can use just one time. Those plastic coffee pods, gives a lot of waste. So much that it could have circled the earth eleven times, last year.

coffe pods

This innovative coffee pods fits with the micro trend no waste, because the big waste of coffee pods will be over when this new pods will be used. There is no waste with this new coffee pods, because it kind of feeds the nature, by composting it.

It fits with the macro trend convenience, because theres no time to be needed to destroy the plastic coffee pods, when you’ve got the compostable coffee pods.

And then if fits with the mega trend sustainability, because it takes care of the nature and so our planet. The nature won’t be destroyed by the old coffee pods with those new compostable coffee pods. Also it fits with the mega trend knowledge society, because it’s a new kind of concept that will improve the society.

The new compostable coffee pods plays in on the value effectiveness, because it’s not just a new concept, but it’s a useful concept, what will have a lot of impact for the future. And also the value appreciation, because the nature is been appreciated. The wanted to find a solution for destroying the nature and now they set a little stap to the right direction.

You can find more information on the website:

Sandy city tower

A Tower in the middle of the Sahara, which will rise to a hight of 450 meters and with a floorspace of 192 acres. It’s not a normal Tower in the Sahara, but a Tower that use pretty spectacular sustainablility technology. The tower collected around 45000 cubic meters of rainwater to heat the building. This water will go underground, where a generator heats the water and produces electricity of the water. The collected water will also be used to irrigate an indoor vertical garden.

sandy city

The Sandy City tower is a trend because it fits with the micro trend social space. It fits with that trend because the aim of the building is to bring people together, so they will communicate with each other and be social with each other.

It also fits with the micro trend copy nature, because the outside of the building looks like the nature around the building. It got the colour of the sahara and the shape of the building looks a bit like a mountain.

Besides, this building fits with another micro trend named no waste, because the rainwater will be collected to make electricity, to heat the building and to irrigate the indoor vertical garden.

Then the connections between the Sandy City tower and the macro trends. At first the macro trend off the grid. The tower gives you a beautiful experience, that may be a once in a life time. Because you won’t see a big building in the middle of the sahara that often. Second, it fits with the macro trend togetherness, because in the building you meet other people. Maybe you will going to see the building with others.

At least the connections between the Sandy City tower and the mega trends. At first the logistic one named sustainability, because the building uses rainwater for electricity. Then it fits with the Mega trend knowledge Society, because this building is a good example of a futuristic design, what involves a better knowledge then ever before. And the last one, the mega trend globalisation, because this concepts change the word views and brings people all over the world together.

The Sandy City tower plays on the value efficiency, because the technology that is been used by the building is very effective. And also the value usefulness, because a useless kind of thing like rain water will become useful.

For more information, you can look in the site

Sustainable community centrer the arc

What is it?

It’s a community center that’s been designed to live and to be a showcase of sustainable design. This center is build on a place with extremes of local climate, like intense sunlight and heat. The building has a large green roof deck and filters that collect rainwater before discharging it to the canal waterways. This, so the visitors won’t bother about the extreme weather. The water will be recycled, so it invigorates the natural process of nature an continues on as if human intervention never occurred. there facilities like green terraces between buildings and roof-deck gardens. the arc is a good example for sustainable architecture, it’s like a building made of nature.

Why is it cool?

it fits with the micro trend copy nature, because the arc is a building made of nature with the aim to look like the nature and not necessarily as a real building. So you could say that the nature has been copied.

It also fits with the macro trend togetherness, because it’s a center to bring people together. because t’s been placed in a extreme climate, it shows us that we need to be together at every place on the world.

And of course it fits with the mega trend sustainability, because the building had the aim to be sustainable. Like how the rainwater is going to been collecten and recycled. You can find more information on the site:

Recycled Bar

What is it?

It’s a bar in Kichijoji, which is a Suburba town outside of Tokyo, that’s adorned with a variety of colored cables. There are recycled materials used by the project. This gives the restaurant its distinctive textured appearance. The bar itself is made from left-over melted acrylic. It looks like the stools an tables float independently.

recycled bar

The bar is located in a by-street that retains the atmosphere of black-market stalls, popular during the post-world war 2 period.

Why is it cool?

It fits with the micro trend Copy the nature, because the materials of the furniture is made of left-over melted acrylic. This gives the bar a look that looks like nature. Also the cables all over the bar make the bar looks like nature.

recycled bar 2

It also fits with the micro trend No waste, because the most of the materials that’s been used for this concept are recycled. This means that they don’t waste old materials.

And of course this also fits with the mega trend sustainability, because it’s sustainable to recycle materials and not just trowing them away.

You can find more information on this site:

Limestone Skyscrapers

What is it?

It’s a concept based on going against the human destruction of the karst topography seen in places such as Vietnam and chine.  Those natural movements will stay because the building is constructed into the hills themselves. The blasted shell of the limestone hill will be supported by a steel frame. They hope that the glass and the nature against each other will be seen as a compliment to the monolithic beaty in its natural state and encourage a different way of building.

Gebouw van steen gebouw van steen 2

Why is it cool?

It fit with the micro trend Everything is a Remix, because this building is a mix of nature landscape and modern stuff like glass and metal. Both stuff are totally different of each other.

It also fits with the micro trend Copy Nature, because actually you copy the nature by creating a building in it.

And of course it fits with the mega trend sustainable. The limestone mountains would be destroyed if there wasn’t a solution like this. The mountains don’t get lost for a building, but the mountains are combined with the new building.

You can find more information on this site: